Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Will You Join In?

Oh, go on...

It's the 4th of the month which means it's Blog Hop challenge at CKCB.

Now that the Summer holidays are over can you honestly resist playing along with our first challenge of the month?

Challenge #1:  Project Completion Challenge:  
Pick a project that is either not completed or that you have always intended to start and make!

Hmm, if you're like me, you will have too many of those incomplete or never started projects tucked away in the back of your head or on pinterest or maybe just jotted down in a little notebook?

I see so many things that I like so I will try to take a picture, try to remember (and promptly forget) or pin to my To Some Point Board.
I also have a box in my craft room full of items that I either want to alter or try to make myself and that is the direction I am following today...

Last year I brought this home from the USA.

 I love these drinks and I can buy them here but not in these cute boxes.
This box has sat in my box for over a year now and this year after bringing another one home and seeing the CKCB challenge, I decided it was about time to get on with it...

I took the box apart and measured every length, width and angle to make my template
 scaled it down to fit onto a 12x12 and make my prototype
As it didn't look too bad, I then printed the same template onto a 12x12 from my September CKCB kit
and here's how it turned out
Quite cute don't you think?
Now what to put in it?
It just so happens that two of the little bottles that I buy for giving homemade goodies away in at Christmas fit and if I make my next project just slightly bigger then four bottles will fit
but then I wouldn't have enough goodies to keep for myself!

So, will you be joining in with us and completing that unfinished project?
No? You're not telling me you have nothing planned or unfinished?
Now's your chance, get that email sent in and be part of our blog hop on September 24th.
See you there :)


  1. I actually completed two big projects over the weekend, and it felt great!

  2. OOOO I love it!!! Now I need to get to work and finish some of those unfinished projects laying around =)

  3. Very clever! My husband loves these drinks.

  4. what a great way to use that Starbucks box! Very clever indeed :)

  5. Oh this is so cute, such a good idea !

  6. What a clever idea. The little box and bottles looks very cute.

  7. Lost my comment - grrr!
    I think I wrote - very clever and cute - how about making it really small for nail varnishes/spice jars

    1. Loving that idea Jemma - thank you :)

  8. Cute... just in time too with gift giving season approaching. You're ahead of the game :)

  9. Mmmm. Great sounding Christmas pressies in cute carry boxes. Love it! And cute papers to boot. Lucky recipient :-)


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