Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Sweet Everything

Just sharing a quick page with a photograph I have used before.
I absolutely love the photo as DD's eyes just look so stunning.

Using a paper lantern I'd bought in the 99p shop (3 in a pack) I first stencilled the heart.
After adding the photograph I thought the heart looked a little bare.
Using a whole strip of Pebbles rubons gave me the idea for the title and I knew I had the wooden word "sweet" in my stash. Luckily I'd seen it earlier so I knew where it was!!

Being a "white space" scrapper, I quite like the way it's turned out

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Had Enough!!!

My Counterfeit Kit this month was so large that I have made FIFTEEN pages, ONE double layout and ONE card.

I have enjoyed using this kit and even though there are a few (mmm, a lot) of bits left, there isn't enough paper to create anything else hence the reason for a divided page to use up the scraps.

The last two pages are shown below and I look forward to March's CK which will hopefully inspire me to create a lot more pages next month.

So my first layout uses a bit of paint to break up the plain background. I used a 99p crisp bake tray and dabbed the paint through the holes using two different colours. (I am constantly looking for cheap items to use as stencils/masks)

And, as I said before, in order to use up my papers scraps from my kit, I've created a divided page.

Why don't you keep an eye out over on CKCB and join in?

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Gossamer Blue have started a Members' Scraplift Challenge which encourages you to look at their
 Member Gallery to find a layout that inspires you.

I have chosen THIS one by donnabryantdurand as I love the subtlety of the colours and how everything flows from the top of the page.

My colours aren't so subtle but you get the idea!!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

What? No Photo!!!!!

If you've hopped over from the lovely Lisa's blog, (I'm sure you will have found lots of inspiration there) then welcome to another month of
CKCB Members' Blog Hop.
If not, have a peek anyway and maybe join in yourself next moth, it's great fun and really gets those creativity juices flowing!

Well I honestly thought that last month's challenge over at the Counterfeit Kit Blog was difficult, that is until February's challenge went up...
complete a page/project about WHY YOU LOVE _____ BUT you may NOT include ANY photos, JUST journaling!
 Now, if you know me, I absolutely hate journaling on my page - hmmmm, IDEA!!!!

Using the mammoth kit  I'd put together earlier on in the month (I can't quite believe how perfect some of the items were for this challenge) and after a lot of faffing and playing around, I finally came up with....

So before you continue on your hop to visit Julene for some more inspiration, please leave me a comment to let me know you've visited and don't forget if you're not taking part in the hop, why not challenge yourself in March???

Lisa H
You are here >>>>>>   Lesley

Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Sticky Subject

Whilst in Seattle last year we visited the most disgusted place


It was smelly and utterly rank but it didn't stop me wanting lots of up close photos!!!

Ifa's sketch for the February Challenge over on Sarah's Cards was perfect for the photos I had taken and printed.

I wanted my page to look a bit "gummy" so I dotted a few different colours of acrylic paint and used a few sprays from a can of compressed air to splatter it. (That was fun!)

Using up alphas felt good too :)

Thanks for the challenge

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Recipe to Scrap

February Simple Recipes over on UKS is a great way to get into divided pages if you haven't already

Many scrappers take part in Project Life but that's too much like hard work for me so I use my divided pages to use up small photos of our holidays that just don't deserve a big page to themselves.

Here is the colour combination for this month


and the added ingredients

  • Use a ledger print paper (obvious in quite a few places)
  • Use up leftover Christmas or winter stickers/embellishments (stickers etc with Christmas writing hidden)
  • Make a divided page layout (again - pretty obvious)

My layout shows just some of the the world's biggest, longest etc that we came across on our travels.

Inspired by a Scarf!

The project on my desk last night was for Challenge #3 over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge

The idea was to find a picture of a scarf to inspire a layout. 

Well, to be honest, my scarf picture isn't very exciting and if I'm really honest I think I chose this picture because I knew what I wanted to do (is that cheating?)

This layout tells the story of a stop at San Luis Obispo in California - the happiest place on earth, apparently.
It was a lovely little place with a Mission.
We were happily taking photos in the scorching Summer heat when all of a sudden the bells started to chime at 11 o'clock. You could literally see people jump out of their skins. 
We stood and listened (admittedly I had to put my fingers in my ears) whilst the bells chimed and then went on our way for a wander. Luckily we were far enough away by 12 o'clock not to be deafened for a second time.

Friday, 22 February 2013

I've Started It...

...but not quite finished so I'll hold off with a photo until its done.

So last night turned very interesting. After a wander around the shops until they closed, I enjoyed pizza and a glass of red and started chatting to a couple of German girls. They were over here doing some training for a new job they had taken on and were delighted when I showed them the VoucherCode App on their iPhone!
After realising that all the coffee shops were closed, I started to wonder what I would do for the next hour or so whilst waiting for the concert to finish.
Seeing a lonely looking figure sitting shivering on a bench with plastic bin liners, I originally walked past but something in my conscience told me to turn around. I sat down and chatted to him, the poor guy was nearly in tears as he told me his story. I decided that, if I couldn't do anything else, I could at least buy him some food and a hot drink. He was so grateful and I felt awful leaving him there. I later saw him curled up on some cardboard in a doorway.
As I wandered further, another lonely figure caught my eye. This time, there was a dog involved and I'm such a sucker for a dog. I gave the guy some money and the dog a tickle. I asked if the dog kept him warm, here's what he said

"We have a deal, I keep her belly full and she keeps me warm"

So, off I went to Tesco - a chicken sandwich and some dog food later, I was on my way back to the car to meet four very tired teenagers.

The journey home was a lot quieter than I expected, they had all screamed so much that their throats were very sore!

So, the layout I'm working on will appear here tomorrow but until them, I'll leave you with my naughty snack for the night - Yorkie Buttons!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Calm Before the Storm...

So before I head off to Manchester with 4 very excited teenagers I thought I would share the page I created for

The challenge was to use...
  • clustered embellishments
  • using rubber stamps and
  • those embellishments that are 'too special to use'
I love clusters so that came with ease but the next two prompts weren't quite so!!!

I did find a rubber stamp to use on my layout which went quite well with my thoughts of Beluga Whales so I incorporated the stamp into the clusters

"Special Embellies" I have loads of lush swirly gems which I hate using but on this occasion just about managed to let one go and again I've incorporated it into one of my clusters

(Please excuse the following upside photos, blogger seems to be having a hissy fit)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Not Really... I wanted it to turn out but it's done now!!!

I'm trying to catch up with challenges that I've been adding to my book over the past few weeks and thought that my Woodpecker photograph would work perfectly with
which this month has been designed by Sue

I didn't really know what I wanted to do apart from recreate the beautiful spots and zigzags that decorate these wonderful birds.
 I'm not overly happy with my layout but if I faff anymore I'll just regret it.
So here it is without any more faffing!!! Oh, and I used my new mini sewing machine although I'm still not convinced that it's the one for me!

If I don't blog tomorrow it's because I'm taking 4 teenagers to see Justin Bieber. 
Luckily I don't have a ticket so won't have to listen to thousands of screaming teenagers but I'm sure they won't be quiet in the car on the journey home. Oh and they're all sleeping the night too.
Wish me luck!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

MME Challenge Take 2!

If you read my blog the other day, you will know that I started and got halfway through the
before I realised I wasn't actually using MME products (silly me)

So my second attempt at the following sketch

and using all MME products is here...

Monday, 18 February 2013

Counterfeit Kit Again!!!

Using some more of my Counterfeit Kit I've finished a layout for the 

My CK comprised of a tag book which worked perfectly for this challenge and even put in a "polaroid" thingy. Do I have super powers!?

So to the sketch

and my layout

And finally, when did Paperchase start selling washi tape???
3 for 2 too!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Silly Me!!!

What a wally I am!

Decided to take up another challenge today. 

The February Sketch Challenge over at My Mind's Eye is my kinda sketch with plenty of white space but I wanted to make the white space a bit more busy. Got really stuck into this the planning until halfway through I realised that I wasn't actually using MME products - woops!!!

Finished the LO, not as I would've liked as I wanted to keep ideas for the MME product layout!!!

Back to the drawing board....

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Just a Quickie...because it's Friday!!!

Another layout using more stash from my Counterfeit Kit...

Been a busy bee today ferrying DD around and haven't had much time for crafting. I did pop into to Hobbycraft though. Bought a mini sewing machine with my 25% voucher. I've tried so many before but all have been useless on cardstock - I will report back my findings tomorrow...but for now, it's Friday



Friday, 15 February 2013

You've got to be in it....

My Mind's Eye have been holding a contest for a Guest Designer.

I am under no illusion that I will have any chance of winning but it gave me a chance to stroke and cut (:O) some gorgeous papers I've been squirrelling away!!

I wanted to create a kind of wave effect behind the photo so using some old tissue paper, I stuck it on and covered with acrylic paint. Those are the only two things on the page that aren't My Mind's Eye product.
(Unless you count the mask)

I still have a massive pile of MME papers, so I'm off to play some more...

I wish I hadn't journalled on the front but hey, it's done now.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

More From My Counterfeit Kit

Not quite sure how many pages I've made out of my CK yet, think I'll count them up when there's nothing left in the box (although that might be a while)

Having this kit next to me certainly makes it a lot easier to create layouts instead of looking through my whole stash every time I want to scrap a page.

So today's layouts...
I came across this drink last year on our travels in the USA, very refreshing but very much like "pop" so easy to drink a bit too much!

and a birthday card for MIL, mostly using the kit, I just added the ribbon.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Making Up For Lost Time!!!!

Today I have well and truly got back into my crafting. I've been wanting to get stuck in for days but just haven't had the chance, time or enthusiasm really.

This morning started slow and I wasn't quite sure where it would go but then, it went...

Using my multi pocket protectors, I wanted to create pages from my holiday using all the little photos that I had printed but didn't warrant their own "big" page.
So the first task was to sort out those photos into little piles to make sure I didn't miss any out which is easily done (yes, I've done it before)

So, onto the pages, project life it's not but project holiday? YES!

I promised yesterday I would photograph Imogen's gift to her BF for Valentine's Day. Even if he's not happy with the bag I'm sure he'll be happy with the contents!

I think I've had a really good day today and still time for more...

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Have a Heart

I've been a busy girl lately and I've missed a couple of blog days due to either being too knackered or there not being enough hours in the day. 
I'm nearly finished with the school photos now so will have a bit more time to get back to my projects.
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, Imogen asked me to make presents for two people, one her best friend Meg and the other for Jack, her "boyfriend"

I'd recently bought these...

from B&M so decided to cover and decorate for Meg. Imogen loves it and I hope Meg will too

Not a great picture :(

Now for Jack, she'd seen a box full of chocolate bars etc so I decided to make a simple "milk carton" but it wasn't big enough made from 1 sheet of 12x12. Armed with my ATG gun and using 3 sheets of 12x12 from a paper pad I'd bought in TKMaxx (one cut in half) I made a much bigger milk carton but the problem now is I need more chocolate to fill it!!! I will post the picture tomorrow when it's finished and decorated...