Sunday, 8 September 2013


When I revealed my September Counterfeit Kit "Road Trip" I promised I would be back with a tutorial on how I created my polaroids.
Firstly I used my polaroid diecuts to make the frame
 If you don't have these they are easily cut using a craft knife.
The sizes are
Extra Large 9.5x11.5 with an 8x8.3 rectangle cut 0.7cms from the top
Large 6x7.5 with a 5x5.2 rectangle cut 0.5 cms from the top
Medium 3.7x4.5 with a 2.9x3 rectangle cut 0.4 cms from the top
Small 2x2.5 with a 1x1.3 rectangle cut 0.4 cms from the top
I then used distress ink to colour my frames
Using a dark brown chalk, I inked the edges
 before place one of kit stencils over the polaroids and once again using that brush and distress ink to create the pattern
So simple but I love the way they turned out :)
Please let me know if you make some too, I'd love to pop over and take a look...


  1. Thank you for the dimensions, very useful ! I love the effect with this brush, I have to try that... Beautiful frames... They look like if they were wooden !

  2. These look very colourful and as Isbaha says they're versatile sizes.

  3. how cool are these... LOVE them! buying them are expensive.... and making them- great alternative!

  4. thank you for the measurements .love the name of your blog .I smile every time is see it

  5. I have a set of polaroid die cuts but my machine broke :-( but your dimensions will be most useful! I would never have known these were not purchased - they look great

  6. Now that is a very handy tip for the use of a stencil :D

  7. Now that is a very handy tip for the use of a stencil :D

  8. Two things make these awesome:
    you have nailed the look of wood dead-on,
    & for those who don't like dimension on
    their pages they can now be on trend!

  9. such a great tutorial! they look terrific!

  10. Very nice! I need to pull out my stencils & use them more, thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Perfect! Adds such a great effect.

  12. Love the use of the stencil - is that a 12x12 or 6x6 version?


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