Sunday, 22 September 2013

Layout Lazy

I've been layout lazy the last few days so I'm here today to show you another three I've made with my CKCB September Kit
Can somebody please remind me not to make such a big October kit, it hardly looks like I've even started using it yet!!

I've already done a digi version using this photo but I wanted this cutie in my album. I used the negative from a card I made a few days ago, though it was too nice to throw away!
 Here's a photo of my girl enjoying her first packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion on our return.
"You maybe a world traveller but when it comes to crisps there is no place like home"
 This gorgeous creature let me get extremely close before giving me a little warning bark to say
 "that'll do"

So there we are - layouts #9, #10 and #11
Phew, this month could be a record!!!


  1. Great layouts :) I havent even touched my kit yet so you're doing better than me!

  2. Love these! You are getting lots done :)


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