Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Good morning to my lovely followers and what a beautiful day it is for taking LO photographs (well apart from chasing one across the garden!)

I've uploaded a fair few today. I used a Sarah's Cards kit yesterday (no idea which one though) and managed 5 pages.

The other pages (I think) used April's kit. I did those pages a few days ago but the weather has been awful to get outside.

I'm now a teamie on Ready Steady Scrap and don't want to let them down so my Tuesdays (since my resignation) will be spent scrapping to my heart's content.

Here are my pages, feel free to leave good/bad comments.

Do I Really?

 The LO above tells the story of how much junk I actually carry around in my handbag! Tipping it out one day I just had to take the photo. All I need in my handbag is my credit card!

I love this phot of my Mum and Dad taken a few weeks ago on the Lancaster Canal. They have been married 50 years in September but still look so fab together.

The Wonder of You
Well how could I resist scrapping these photos? After our trip to Graceland last year my husband's guilty pleasure is Elvis so when I saw this jumpsuit reduced to £3 in Primark just before Christmas I just had to buy it for him. He was answering the door to our visitors in it!

Rain or Shine You 2 will alwys be friends
My daughter and my dad just love being together, they have such a special bond. She's always matking the micky out of him but secretly I think he likes it!

I was playing around using a free photo editing program and quite liked the outcome of this photo

The next pages are the ones I did last week using April's Kit from Sarah's Cards

Sweet Innocence
Was I really that sweet? I love this picture of me looking like butter wouldn't melt. And believe it or not that was my favourite dress!

Just a Hunch

I couldn't believe my luck when I won a bit on the lottery. I don't take part very often but something that day made me turn around and buy a ticket in shop that I swore I would never go into again. Spooky!

 This embellishment in the kit was just crying out to be used on this layout.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

As it's raining...

... I've been unable to get outside to take photos of my new layouts.

So instead here's a photo of a Papermania Scrabooking Tote with table top tool holder and 12x12 folder.
I'm selling it so if you're interested, make me an offer.

BTW postage would be roughly £15!

Monday, 23 April 2012

It's a first!!!

Well I can honestly say that I've never actually opened a kit never mind used it on the first day of receiving it. My kits usually sit on a shelf for at least 3 months before I open the bag for a peak.

Now that my holidays pics have been scrapped, I felt free to choose any photo from a big pile. Some of the LOs below have used Sarah's Cards Monthly Kit. The kit went well with a few photos I had so DD and I took over the kitchen table and had a very productive day.

 I loved this little quote as it went quite perfectly with this picture of my daughter photographed for her dance show. She didn't actually make the show as she broke her wrist!

I LOVE my little flower although I'm
still peeling the glossy accents off my fingers!

This is a very simple LO using the kit but I think it says it all and isn't he just sooooo handsome?

Another simple one!

 I've incorporated the CD into this LO of the tracks that the girls recorded on the day. I just covered the front of the CD to match the LO and slotted it in.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Lou's Leftovers

My first LO today is an 8x8 using up the kit from Lou's class at the retreat. The rest of my pages (again) are using up scraps of old kits.

Thanks Rachael for the kick up the you know what to keep going (I will conquer these photos!)

 With a full day of cropping with DD tomorrow - I will have achieved my goal!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Scrap 365 Challenge

I decided a few weeks ago I would enter the April Scrap 365 magazine challenge

I just managed to get my entry in before the closing date. I'd been putting it off due to the fact there have been so many gorgeous layouts uploaded to the gallery. I don't stand a chance of winning but as the saying goes "it's the taking part that counts".

So this was the sketch...

and this is my interpretation. I used my photos to create most of the elements. I had been wondering how to scrap theses photos for a while and this challenge seemed just perfect to create my LO.

Just a few more Route 66 pages (I'm getting a bit fed up with them now). With the other half doing OT this weekend I think DD and I can have another Crop Day.

Thanks for taking the time to hope over for a look xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scrapping Scraps

A few more Route 66 pictures done and dusted.

I've been using up leftover kits and cut offs from other projects. I suppose it's a way of decluttering before the big move back downstairs!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Love a Challenge

Sarah's Cards have their April blog challenge going on HERE. Why don't you go take a look and have a go yourself.

I've just made a whole load of cards for my sister and couldn't be bothered to tidy up all the scraps. Miraculously they jumped onto my page in all the right places to join in the sketch challenge! 

I've journalled on the inside of the flower petals to incorporate my title which is made out of gift tag string and used the remainder of a diecut scallop to frame the picture. (I don't do waste!)


Monday, 9 April 2012

Mother and Daughter Crop (Day Two)

Well I've let myself down today, only 5 layouts and a mini book!!!

The mini book came about as I had some NYC photos that didn't warrant a full layout and as you can see it has worked quite well as I've incorporated it into the cover of my album.

Good news - I only have another 24 photos to scrap of Route 66 (phew)

Front Page of my Route 66 Album

Inside cover incorporating mini album

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mother & Daughter Crop (Day One)

As it was Easter Sunday and Nick was at work earning lots of extra pennies, we decided to stay home and have our very own crop. Today is Day One and tomorrow, you guessed it....

With loads of photos still to scrap from last year's roadtrip I had been getting a bit overwhelmed by them all. I really need to finish scrapping last year's holiday before we move onto the next and have a few hundred more photos to contend with. I'd bought a new album a while back and the pocket that came with it were the perfect solution. It's cheating a bit, but with pretty naff photos left, what the heck!

The LO photos are poor due to them already being in the pockets and the last one is unfinished because of needing another photo!!

 The next few are REAL layouts. Thanks for stopping by, I wonder how many I can get done tomorrow - maybe all thr roadtrip photos will finally be done and dusted!

Today's Favourite