Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Run to the Hills...

...well, not quite but it certainly felt like those Iron Maiden lyrics were telling me something when they released their own beer this year.
DH had got wind of it and would have done anything to get his little mits on a bottle or 12.

Luckily Morrisons were one of the only stockists so on release day (he'd forgotten) I headed off to do my shopping but some poor other Iron Maiden Fan/Wife had beaten me to it - they'd had a delivery of 6 the day before. No, not six crates but 6 bottles - no wonder the shelf was bare!!!

With a bit of detective work I was able to stalk the shop until the delivery arrived and clear the shelf (again!)
Luckily HE liked it...

This is layout #18 using my September CKCB Kit


  1. Glad you got some in the end :) thank goodness he liked it, can you imagine if he thought it was horrible! lol

  2. Girlfriend, you have put us to shame this month! #18??? Whew!

  3. What a fab story behind the photos!


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