Saturday, 28 September 2013

I Did it Boss!!!

Waking up to this blog comment

"You had better use up that whole kit, young lady! And I mean it! :)"

 from Bethany (THE BOSS) on my September Kit one morning this month made me chuckle!

Well, the challenge had been set and I was determined there would be hardly anything left in that kit.
But would I succeed...?

Luckily my photo order arrived so I did have some of this year's holiday to use with my "Road Trip" kit after all.

 LO #20 - us on the beach just north of
Daytona in August this year.
I love the background paper and I wanted
 to continue the theme from the paper
I had the perfect photo setting for it
but only two of us were in the shot.
I wanted us all to share the saying
as we love travelling and exploring
as a family.

Here we are again on the same beach having fun while the self timer ticks away...

21 layouts later and all I have left is twine, alphas, washi and a few scraps of paper

I think I can get away with not using those
can't I????


  1. Are you telling me you made 21 layouts from one kit? And you've already scrapped your 2013 holiday photos?... Oh my. I'm such a failure! I haven't made a single layout from September's kit yet! These are great of course. *wink*

    1. I've only scrapped two of my 2013 holiday snaps Lisa and you are in no way a failure :)

  2. Well done you! I love both but the second on is my fave, love that heart.

  3. Okay, I must give you some props - not only did you squeeze every last page out of your kit, but you did it in such STYLE! I could look at a slideshow of your pages just from this month & never get tired of it. You are truly a creative lady :~)

  4. Wow! 21 layouts is amazing! Awesome job!


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