Friday, 6 September 2013

Rocking Your World Friday

Friday again and already we've been home from holiday for a week.

Friday also means it's Rocking Your World Friday over on Virginia's blog.
Every Friday the Rockettes come together and take a moment to step back and take stock of their week.

Last Friday I was so grateful to come home from my 3 week holiday to a newly decorated hall, stairs and landing, kitchen and utility room.
My Dad had been working hard while we were away to get it all done. He is a star!!!
I have now vowed that everything will remain in its place and there will be no clutter left hanging around (apart from in my craft room of course!)

I also thought that I would be grateful for my own bed and pillow but the jet lag just wouldn't go away, until Wednesday that is when I found that my bed is just the comfiest place to be.

DD started Year 10 on Wednesday and she has indeed grown up so much even since last year never mind since she started in Reception. I heard "Slipping through my Fingers" on the radio which usually makes me cry but this time I realised that no matter how old and bolshy she gets, she will always be my little girl. (Excuse the photo on the left)

This week, I also been extremely grateful for our blue skies and have managed to get all my holiday washing dried and of course my fabulous husband who has ironed it all.

 So, what has rocked your week? Will you share?


  1. Love the photos :) Lucky you having all your ironing done for you! Can I borrow him for a week? lol

  2. Oh newly decorated house and an ironing husband - fabulous stuff! I too managed to get the holiday washing sorted before the weather changed, today feels decidedly more grey and autumnal, hope the blue skies come back soon.

    Have a fabulous week ahead.



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