Friday, 27 September 2013

A Positive Week

It's Rock Your Friday time again ...
(It's a great way to look back at your week and focus on the positives)

Two small battles won this week put a cheeky little grin on my face and reminded me that giving up is just not something I will ever do.
Big or small, it's always worth fighting for.

Me 2-0 Them

Our Chocolate Lab, Olly, made me smile when I came out of my craft room to find him sitting in the only bit of sunshine he could find.

Another one of those "hello" cards made from my scraps resulted in another long chat with a faraway friend - just like old times!!!

At long last physio seems to be finally making a difference - hopefully the next 6 sessions will be the cure.

A lovely lunch and catch up with a very good friend on Thursday was a nice way to while away a couple of hours.

In the last two weeks, a de-clutter of my unused craft supplies has made me £250 which meant I could treat myself to a few more :) and also get an Ebay bargain - a pair of £140 boots in Moshulu, £30 delivered from Ebay and they fit my "Oakes" legs (don't ask!)

Tuesday I started a crochet course...

Yes, I know!! 
We all have to start somewhere :)

...and yesterday a jewellery making course with DD at the local college where we learned how to make paper beads and metal stamping.

A pretty good week all round, how was yours???


  1. Oh my jewellery and crochet how fabulous learning new skills. Love the stash haul and the photo of your dog, it's amazing how pets can find the tiniest patches of sunshine to enjoy! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead loving the 2-0 statement!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Love the photo of your dog...that really made me smile! I am very impressed with you learning so many new skills...I really should try and learn how to crochet. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#5)

  3. Sounds like a super positive week. Have fun learning those new skills.

    Toni xx

  4. Have we found a new love in crochet? My first attempt was far worse. Its just practice.

  5. Have we found a new love in crochet? My first attempt was far worse. Its just practice.


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