Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Promptly Lifted

Yesterday was a full on day.
The taxi service, the book folding and a few other things
were all on the list so LOAD was going to be hard.
However, when I saw the prompt was to lift another layout from the Flickr gallery
I knew it wouldn't take long as the basis was already there.

You can find the layout I chose to lift HERE.
It's one of those that just pops out due it's gorgeousness and colours.

This is the story of Capricorn and The Child and how she is growing up "too fast"

B&W with a Splash of Pink!!

The prompt was "black & white"
but how could I resist that homemade flair staring at me from 
my nice, tidy desk?

I love this posed photo of Mum and Dad taken in front of the 
"Golden Oldies" sign.

I am so very lucky to have both my parents
(probably fitter and healthier that me!)
around and still happy after 52 years of marriage.

I love these guys!!!

Monday, 27 October 2014

Clowning Around

As you know, (if you've been keeping up) this month I have been joining in with October LOAD.

Back in August I was asked by my fellow Master Forgers and LOAD organisers
to be part of the Class of 2014.

When I got my prompt Class Clowns - Scrap about something funny
it took me a while to realise that those closest to me are the biggest clowns going
and I was soon on my way to creating my layout.

The photograph was taken last year during our Florida road trip and captures one of those creative and imaginative moments that those two always seem to find!
Here, my gorilla is the being used as some sort of shock therapy!

Do you know something?
I wouldn't have them any other way!

My layout uses a kit I won during Refresh Your Craft by Jennifer Grace Creates,
thanks Jennifer - I know I've taken my time to crack it open
but I'm loving the contents now that I have.

What funny story would you scrap about if you were joining in with this prompt?

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Me!!! Fussy Cut?

No chance!!!
Not without my little machine in any case!
Yes, that was a prompt from LOAD, to fussy cut!

I had seen and pinned a FREE CUTTING FILE 
a couple of days ago but wasn't sure how I was going to use it.

Still uncertain, I cut the file and started to play, not knowing
what the topic or theme would be.
That morning, I had decided that a desk tidy was in order as my scrappy space had
become smaller than 12x12.
During the clear up I found my forged words from my October Counterfeit Kit
which I hadn't used and that's when I had the lightbulb moment
to create a page about the here and now
and how we should count our lucky starts
everyday and be thankful for what we have.

I think I need to add a couple of bits yet but I'm happy with the fact that a few
bits salvaged from my desk have created this layout.

Friday, 24 October 2014


Just a quick share today before I head out for a fab Italian tea!!!

The LOAD theme yesterday was "Social Media" so with the help of my little cutting machine,
I created the Instagram logo.
I used up some camera bits and bobs for emphasis and some washi just because I could!

Today the prompt is to scrap about a favourite product, I wonder how I will interpret that one
when I get back from stuffing myself with pizza!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How I Do It!!

I hope you're all wrapped up warm on this cold, wet and miserable day!

As you may know, this month I've been playing along with 
LOAD - Layout a Day with Scrap Happy family.
Some of the other girls are also on the CKCB Design Team
and that's how I got into it.
This is my third - the first I thoroughly annoyed and completed, 
the second - I fell at about Day 8 but once again, with this, the third, I am enjoying it.
Don't get me wrong, 
sometimes I've just wanted to forget it ever existed but my stubbornness gets me through!

I had a comment on my blog yesterday from 
Sandra of All Things Pretty and here is what she asked...

"I'd love to know how you manage to create each day? Do you have a months plan? 
Do you clear your desk each day? I'd love to see how you manage it"

To be honest Sandra, like I said, sometimes I just want to give up, 
but I just can't! 
In those cases I find quick and easy things to do rather than making it more difficult for myself.
"Going Round in Circles" the paper I chose made the layout for me
and my hybrid layouts re very quick and easy to create.

We get a prompt every morning and sometimes I just want to slap the person responsible.
(Sorry Leslie and Lynnette - you do a fabulous job!)
The prompts this month are all about school but we all interpret them differently.
I always have at least 150 photos ready to scrap so there's usually one that fits!

I daren't show you a photo of my desk, I haven't cleaned it up in over 3 weeks if I'm honest.
I am also in the middle of making things for an upcoming Christmas Craft Fair
so when I say there is stuff everywhere, there really is!

So there we have it! I do have the advantage of not working of course which also helps
and the cleaning etc takes a bit of a back seat during LOAD months.
Luckily for me i have a very understanding husband and child!!!

And talking of husband, here is a layout (prompted my mathematical shapes) I was creating of him (and how much I love him)
when he really annoyed me. I was determined to finish it even though I didn't want to look at his face!!!

We're happy again now so I can blog about it!!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Going Round In Circles!!

Yesterday turned into one of those days where everything was planned then everything went to pot!!!

My LOAD layout nearly didn't get created as the prompt just
didn't work for me.
Luckily, it is not necessary to stick to the prompts but it is all about creating a layout every day for the month.
 I spent ages going around in circles trying to come up with something until I found
this circle paper...

So even thought I didn't stick to the prompt, it was the
looking for the prompt that got me there!

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Using up bits and pieces from the fabulous

from Wearcrafts.

I created a layout of when the Lovely Lyn came to stay.
We walked the Corrie Cobbles and has a lovely day in the warm June sunshine
I love this happy photo of the two of us just before we started the tour.

The best bit about this collection for me is the "wordy" paper
as I've been able to cut it up to suit all my layouts.

The little envelope there contains my ticket
and maybe, just maybe (yes Jemma!) I could add some journalling
onto that card!

Friday, 17 October 2014

When Time Is Not On Your Side....

...what do you do?

I am currently playing along with LayOut A Day
and yesterday was one of those days when time just wasn't on my side.
My sheer determination to keep up this month spurred me on to create a quick hybrid
I set out where I wanted my photo before printing everything else onto my 12x12
and after adding a little washi my layout was complete...

and then, because time was short today, I created another...

So, would you have given up, stuck with it somehow or stayed up late to create 
a more "real" layout??

I hope time will be on my side tomorrow!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Perfect for Me!

 If, like me you have lots of saved images on a Pinterest Board then the 3rd Counterfeit Kit challenge of this month is just perfect for you too!!

We have been asked by Queen Laura to create something using a previously saved idea.

Having used up most of my kit, and having pinned this idea a while ago...

 I decided to create a card for a fellow Master Forger's birthday.

I must say, having that zig-zag punch made it a whole lot easier!!!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Simple Story of Her @ Easter

Over the past few days I've been sharing layouts using the fabulous collection,

Jen sent me this collection and wow have I loved playing with it.
A few of you have complained about squiffy eyes but 
maybe my eyes are squiffy already so it didn't bother me!
I have a few scraps left and hope to make one more after today but
this layout is a great way to use up scraps.

My layout today is for another LOAD prompt
and show The Child at the end of her annual Easter Egg Hunt.
She will never grown out of this OR Advent Calendars
(I am in the process of devising that one!)

Anyway, my layout...

Do you have little traditions that will never cease?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A Simple Story of Churros & Me

Remember the snake & me?
Well today it's something a lot nicer and one of my favourite
"stall" foods!
I'm drooling just thinking about these delicious bits of deep fried batter, covered in sugar 
and dipped in hot chocolate.
Mmmm healthy!!!

I love these papers from Simple Stories, so bright and fun and available at Wearcrafts.
The collection is DIY Boutique, how do you feel about bright papers?

This layout is created for today's LOAD prompt which is foreign food.

What is your favourite foreign food?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Negative World

A while ago I cut out this map using my little machine.
You can see the layout HERE

Whilst shopping for my "Hello October" kit
 I found the negative stuck between some 12x12s I knew just what I wanted to do with it...

...and I love how it turned out.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Wrong Master Forger!

The second challenge of the month posed by 
is to use confetti on our project and this is just the perfect challenge for fellow 
Master Forger & Sparkly, Shiny Lover Lisa !
(I wonder if she will choose CH#2 for the blog hop this month?!)

However this is my assigned challenge for the month so
"bling" it on!!!

I used a mask to create a few hearts (the blue ones) before using one of my favourite punches to create smaller confetti hearts to layer up a bit. I the n used gems and liquid pearls to add a few more scatterings and no glitter in sight!

Do you like glitter or do you prefer to cheat like me!?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Do You Scrap Sad?

I don't know about you but I usually scrap the happier stories in life.
The holidays, the parties, the days out, you know the ones
the joining in with a prompt for LOAD I decided to go sad.
We were asked to scrap about a pet and this photo had been ready in my collection for a long time and although it looks like a happy photo, the story behind it is sad.

Taking the photo whilst holding back the tears was difficult especially knowing that he
wouldn't be there when she got home.
These two were best buddies but the time had come to let him go.
I dreaded her coming home from school but she was very brave, far braver than me in fact!

So, before I get my keyboard any wetter, do you scrap sad?

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Use It Up Day

It's not very often that I scrap with papers that I grab from the shelf 
as I've usually got a kit on the go 
but today I need a subtle look page and none of the kits I was working with were suitable.

I grabbed a Christmas paper from my shelf (OK I used the reverse) 
and some vellum and joined in with

I rotated the sketch for the purpose of my portrait photograph, embossed some vellum and drew around a side plate before adding a few embellishments to create a softer look.
I think it must have been Use It Up day as I finished off 3 small sheets of embellishments.

I also used my Tim Holtz die for the first time since buying it over on Crafty Sellers.

 The prompt I was following was to scrap somebody special and who better than
my parents as the subject.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

No Such Word as "Can't"

Did your parents always tell you
"there is no such word as can't"?
Mine certainly did, especially my Dad, and I often hear myself telling this to the child
when she gives up too quickly.
Luckily it's not very often as she has inherited my stubborn ways!

This month, the challenge over at Challenge YOURself is to
scrap an affirmation and I have always been a big believer in believing in yourself.

There are many times when I could easily said no but with that built in stubbornness
I generally succeed although sometimes I wish I hadn't.
I know my limits these days pushing those limits can't hurt sometimes, can they!?

This is the story of a walk completed in Madagascar in the blazing sunshine with no shelter.
Steep steps and narrow path climbs were obstacles in themselves but with health factors to contend with I wasn't sure whether my body could take it.
As you can see by the layout, I DID!!!
I found the little wooden heart in a shop on my return home
 and knew it would be perfect for a future layout!

I was so proud of myself for perservering
however the following day brought its own challenges - my body had forgotten how to move!!!

This is another layout created using my "Hello October" counterfeit kit.

What have you done recently to Challenge YOURself.

(Please note that this month I actually remembered to include that photo of ME!)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Argh, No Ribbon!

Even with the knowledge of the three great challenges set by our Queen Laura this month
I failed to put ribbon in my kit so I quickly added some in
whilst packing for the monthly crop.

Now don't get too excited thinking that I've created something wonderful with this ribbon because that wasn't the challenge!!! That's my excuse anyhow.

As you can see, I have used it a wonderfully unusual and creative way.
Yes, I've stuck it down in straight line - it is pretty ribbon though!

Again, my journalling is tucked in behind my photos and tells the story of how this little boy ran as fast as his feet could take him when he saw us handing out sweets to his friends.
He was rewarded with  a few extra for his efforts and he rewarded us with a beautiful smile.

Again, I have used that clear plastic that was headed for the bin

What dustbin bound item have you saved lately to use on a layout?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

A Simple Story of Me & the Snake

Do you know something? 
Have I told you before? 
I absolutely LOVE being a part of Jen's Design Team. 
Not so long ago, I received some fabulous items from 
to play with and I must say, I am in love with this collection.

By following this sketch (it's LOAD time again)

I created a layout all about me and the boa constrictor.
Now snakes don't bother me, but don't bring a spider anywhere near me!
This Boa was handed to me on our recent visit to a wildlife park.
I was quite happy, knowing it was a constrictor, to hold it and pose for a photo
that is until the guide said
"be careful it doesn't bite you"
My arms extended, DH and DD walked backwards as quickly as the possibly could and my face in the picture tells the story!!!

How silly and naive of me to think that just because it suffocates its prey
that it wouldn't be able to bite as well.

So if you fancy a bit or even the whole of the collection
why not take a look at all the goodness that is

You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 5

My fifth and probably final layout (although I do still have a fair bit left)

follows Sue's sketch over at Me and Mine.

I missed joining in last month so I'm getting in early for October!
There's plenty of time to join in so why not have a go yourself?

Don't forget to see what Jen and Virginia have been doing with the kit too and
while I'm here how could I not show you the card
the child made for her Dad's birthday yesterday.
I think he may be on rations for a while!