Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Very Insta!!!

Well all those frames in my kit certainly came in handy for...

CH#3 - Insta Inspiration 

Create An Instagram Inspired Mini. Create a small, but perfectly formed mini to show off those dinky, little photographs of your lunches :) Or be inspired by the square format. Or create a little collection of some recent favourites!

The Child hates this layout but as scrapbookers we have to chronicle every part
of our lives don't we?

How will you interpret the challenge set by the Counterfeit Team?

All that is left for me to say is thanks for having me back it really did get my creativity flowing again
for a short time and it's boosted my blog posts that's for sure!!!

Saturday, 12 March 2016


When I saw the criteria of Challenge Two for this month's Counterfeit Kit I could have cried!!!
Not because it was difficult 
but because I had created the perfect layout last month which you can see HERE 
all based around a newspaper.
So now I had to come up with something else for...

Challenge #2 Media Studies

Use Print Media (newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogues) as the starting point for a layout. Colours, words, layout, even the story. could all be a source of inspiration.

I decided I would be very "wordy" and create
my journalling using all those word stickers in my kit...

This layout is also my entry for Susan's March Sketch Challenge
Susan has a new sketch challenge every month 
and you could win one of her lovely kits if you link up to her blog,

So there we have it, two challenges in one, why don't you join in both too?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Pin-teresting Layout!

So we've created our kits, forged a thing or two and now it's time to join in with the challenges.
Are you with us? Let's go for it...

Challenge #1 - May You Live In Pin-teresting Times

Base a project on something spotted on Pinterest. 
But, here's the twist, it can't be a craft project (so no layouts, minis or mixed media as inspiration.) 
Look for inspiration in home decor, architecture, quotes, etc, instead.

When I first open Pinterest I see lots of pins "chosen for me" 
and I really have no idea why this one came up 

as I am in no way religious
 but it has inspired me to create 
so maybe Pinterest can mind read now!!!

You can find the original pin is HERE

So I got to work cutting out my letters on my trusty Cameo and creating my background stripes from slicing up some of my journalling cards and came with this...

My daughter looked so beautiful on Prom night last year and this layout showcases the fact that
nobody needs to spend hundreds of pounds on a dress when a £4.50 outfit does
just the same!!!

What non-crafting Pin will inspire you to create today?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Back to Forging

Thanks for popping back to see me and my pie chart forgery.

I do have to admit that I've missed creating forgeries - it gets my brain working!!!

 I chose to use a sheet of 12x12 vellum to create my pie chart.
So, along with my craft knife, a ruler, and ink pad, some stencils/masks and my trusty Martha Stewart circle cutter, I got to work...

...I cut my circle...

...sliced my pie

...inked through my mask/stencils (I never quite know which they are)... create some different patterns...

Pretend you haven't seen the state of my masks/stencils 
but they do still work even though I never clean them!!!

What do you think?

I then started on the labels for the pie chart where again I used my circle cutter along with white card and some rub ons...

It's hard to take the photos in this shockingly grim and dim British light
 but you get the gist and I hope to use these on one of the upcoming challenges.

What have you forged for your kit?
Go on, have a go!!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

For One Month Only!!!

Having left the Counterfeit Kit Team last year to concentrate on things closer to home,
I was absolutely delighted to be invited back this month as Guest Designer.
Thank you girls for thinking of me and I hope I don't let you down. 

So let me introduce the kit we are forging for the month of March.
It's not quite a
kit as we are used to and
 I must admit I was little nervous when I first saw the dinky contents of the

I decided that, even though this kit doesn't have any paper involved,
I would also leave them out and add them in when required.
This, in fact, is probably very easy for me as I generally scrap on white in any case!

I know a lot of you liked how I set out my forgeries when I was on the team
so today I will do the same.

Firstly the stamp set - I'm kind of glad there are stamps involved because I have literally hundreds and constantly neglect them. I have chosen "Limor Circles" by Indigo Blue because I got it two Christmases ago and it hasn't even been out of the packet!


Next up is the plastic word "click" my choice for this is "fabulous" which i cut on my trusty Cameo

Another huge amount of neglected items in my stash is wooden shapes. They are all so beautifully arranged and labelled but again I forget they are there.
I have chosen...

Next up is chipboard shapes and chose a huge pile of polaroid frames

Word stickers are next and I've thrown a fair few of these in (just in case!)


And we can't miss out the alphas...


Journaling cards aren't something I really use as I don't really do Project Life but I have picked out a few from my huge stash that I've collected anyway in the hope that I can use some up!


This is my favourite part of this kit, the pie chart die cut transparency 
and here I have forged my own version...


...along with the sentiments labels 

So, with just those last two items to add,
"My March Mini"
is almost complete!!!

Time to move onto Susanne who will have created a fabulous kit I'm sure but before you go
thank you for having me back and I hope you will join me on the 4th to see my forgeries...

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