Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Hardest So Far

Wanna' know why?
We were given a template to use to make a die with the words
design, photo, title, story, little stuff and paper
and the idea was to roll the die
and create your layout from the prompts that are rolled.
I didn't make the die but wrote the same words om bits of paper and folded them up.
DD then picked one at a time (I wish she'd done better!) 
and I wrote the numbers from 1 to 6 on them
(so I couldn't cheat)
  1. little stuff
  2. story
  3. paper
  4. title
  5. photo
  6. design
YIKES!!! A title AND a story before my photo - that's gonna' be tough.

First off, I picked out some matching embellishments and
knowing that most of the photos I have already printed are holiday photos
 my story would be based around that.
Next was the paper and I chose 3 papers from the
MME Cut & Paste collection.
Now, the hard bit, the title...
"Under the Boardwalk"
(Again, all my photos are from our Florida holiday and we walked a fair few
boardwalks while we were travelling around the coast)

Then comes the photo, and I've chosen one of the many dolphin photos that
we were lucky to capture as they stole the fishermen's daily catch
clean off their hook.

I then chose a sketch from PINTEREST
and got to it....
When I first saw my list I was a little worried but
it turned out better than I expected to be honest.
(I may add a few extras though!)


  1. Now that's an interesting way to scrapbook ... and you did a great job! Love the twined swirls

  2. Love how your layout turned out. Lovely!!

  3. Oh I lve how you've done the swirls with the paper, twine and gems :) Great layout.

  4. I really liked this challenge, but I lucked out a bit on my order. Your page turned out fabulous in the end - kudos.


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