Friday, 7 February 2014

Rockin - A Quarter of the Way There

This week hasn't really brought much to shout about so my 
Rocking Your World Friday
 post will resume next week.

It's been a funny old week, 
one which I'm going to brush aside 
and hope that good things will eventually come out of it.
Today I am one quarter of my way through my first ever LOAD and today's prompt is...
Myth or reality:
You have to have a scrapbook space where you do all
your work and keep all your supplies.
I suppose the answer is "myth" but in reality it is much easier when everything is all around you and in one place.
I go to a monthly crop and take so much with me "just in case" but I never have the "right" bit!
Today, I have packed up my "For the Love of Paper" Counterfeit Kit, chosen a photo and taken just my desk tote, my cutting mat and my trimmer into the very boring dining room.
My DD and I will often have a scrap session here but quite often I will nip back into my craft room for that extra bit.

Today I vowed not to do that and here is the resulting layout...

A layout showing the message that George sent to DD after a week of constant texting he finally asked her out via text on the last day of term.
They lasted just over 5 months and that's when the "ring" incident happened - maybe a layout on that should come next!!!


  1. you sound like you had quite a week. Hope you are still enjoying LOAD. Your layouts are so great every day. This one is super - again, so much to discover!

  2. i love that layout... hope you rock this weekend :) jenx

  3. Great layout. Love how you picture is a text message. Hope next week is better!

  4. I love that background pattern of paper.

  5. What an utterly gorgeous layout, sorry you've not had the best of weeks hope the following one will provide you with some positives!


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