Friday, 28 February 2014

Rockin' Back

It seems ages since I joined in with Virginia's
Rockin Your World Friday (sorry Virginia)
It's been a strange few weeks with one thing or another - you know those 
"things that are sent to try us"
arrrggghhh, they certainly do!!!
Anyway, those two weeks are gone and I'm here to share the highs (and lows) of last week.

Firstly the sad news that my good friend Helen took the very hard decision to have her dog put to sleep.
I'm glad of the decision she made (however hard) as poor Jasper had been struggling with an undiagnosed illness.
Run free Jasper

A night with the X Factor finalists on Saturday
 and a Hi-5 from my favourite, Luke Friend, 
found me whooping and embarrassing DD
(she ain't seen nothing yet!)

Massive gratitude to the lovely waitress in Pizza Hut on Saturday night
for the very kind donation of a hot chocolate to warm up the homeless man.
Every time I go to Manchester,
I try to make a very small difference for a homeless man and his dog.
I only wish I could so much more.

I love recieving a DT parcel from Jen and although the parcel arrived last week
 I was finally able to stroke and drool over the goodies
and play with the contents of the
February "12 Pledges" Kit
(WARNING- January's sold out as quick as a flash so get it NOW)
which uses the Authentique Elegant Collection.
Here is 1 out of 4 layouts I have completed using the kit so far.
The colours are so subtle in this new kit that it can be used for anything
as you'll see over the coming days.
Virginia (our Rockin host) will also have layouts to share too.

Our boy came home from his holidays on Anglesey
and settled back in quite nicely.
Loves his holidays but there's no place like home :)

One thing I've been putting off for a while is sorting the bills.
You know, that never ending task of getting the best and cheapest.
First was Sky...
I'd read on a few forums about existing customers getting better deals
by phoning the retentions team and it worked.
I'm now paying 20% less per month
and the lovely guy I was talking too realised I'd been paying £10 too much for 35 months.
£350 better off without even realising :)

Next, was Gas and Electric but it seems I have the best deal there anyway
Telephone and broadband next and a £50 saving over the year.

Not bad for a couple of hours work - go me!

Very grateful to my Daddy this week for fitting a new, more sturdy loft ladder
(oh and getting me the 10% over 60s discount!)
 and to DH for having the strength to fit the springs.
The access is now so much better and that "sort loft" (part of my "to do" list)
will hopefully be ticked off soon.

Today is the last day of LOAD :(
I have loved joining in with this and the prompts have certainly made me scrap
some topics and photos that I would never have done if I had not been playing along.
I also joined the ScrapHappy family so a few more LOADs
to come (looking forward to May already ...
My LOAD214 Flickr Gallery shows all the layouts I have completed during February.

This week saw my follower ticker go up to 50 - woohoo!!!
I know, it's not many compared to some/lots of you but
it got me whooping.

A special thank you to my lovely daughter who continues to be the most amazingly
kind and ultra wonderful person.
My back gave way doing the shopping and she helped me through,
lifted, carried and put away.
She is amazing!

So, that's my week, what has rocked yours?


  1. Wow that's a fabulous week (apart from the bad back ouch and Jasper although he's now no longer suffering). Don't ever stress Lesley if you don't get chance to join in it really isn't a problem, I just hope that it helps people acknowledge the positives in life. Loving that you enjoyed your X Factor night and giggling at the thought of you embarrassing DD I'm only just realising that we have the ability to do that if I'm honest. Loving that you managed to make some savings on those bills these just seem to be neverending but the time was certainly worth while! Right off to check if I've missed any other rockettes, I've linked you up ready.


  2. I really enjoyed reading this! After enjoying seeing these posts pop up at Carmen's I have joined in myself this week. And I'll be back!

  3. Well done you getting your bills down :) Love reading about your week. Hope you have many less things sent to try you in the future :)

  4. What a great week - especially the savings and the way your family could help you. Superb page - love that you too a difficult vintage background PP and made something stunning and funky from it!

  5. great week! fab layout! I did not think of using that part as a frame!!!! super! jenx

  6. Nice to see a few more entries at Celtic House this week. My link-up failed the first time but I am up there now. Well done all the bill savings. i am sure every little helps these days.
    I don't know how you scrapbook folk find time to do so many layouts. I would love to get back into it, but i never seem to find the time.
    How lovely to have such an understanding and helpful daughter. take care on the loft steps. Even new sturdy ones can be a challenge as I know from previous experience. I hope you have a good week. Kate x


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