Friday, 28 February 2014

Let's Get Meeeeesssssssyyyyyy!

OK, yeah, I've done it before but really not very often
as the tidying up is worse than the doing.
Today's LOAD prompt (and sadly the last for February)
is all about scrapping an unusal style, taking yourself
out of that comfort zone and just going for it.
That was all it took
for me to go all out and get messy...
Paints, stamps, sprays and squirters but then (dun dun duuuuun!)
the spray just made a complete an utter mess,
ruined a piece of lovely MME paper and
I started again.

This time I decided to use a sketch as a guideline
so I could also use it as an entry into a Facebook Group February challenge.

Oh I did have fun, spraying, squirting, daubing and just about anything "ing" really!!!

I really should take myself out of my comfort zone more often
 as I had a great time creating the mess!
(if only I had a fairy godmother to tidy up)

Right, tidy up time and packing for tomorrow's CROP DAY!!!!


  1. Beautiful layout, hope you enjoy your crop!

  2. Love that LOAD background.
    And I've been busy getting clean instead of messy.
    Cleaning everything up as I get ready to move into my new art space.
    So I get then get messy.


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