Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Myth or reality: Scrapbook supplies are purchased, always.
Definitely not! Especially when you're a Master Forger.
Being on the Counterfeit Kit design time with some fabulous ladies, we are always thinking about making and forging our own supplies.

For today's LOAD I have created my own background and made my own tag, arrows and letters. (Not very creative but I love how it's turned out!)
 The only thing not made is the date label.
The photo is DD wearing her new "joke" hat on Boxing Day. 
She is an absolute nightmare when it comes to anything "flying" and she imitates a windmill just perfectly.
The journalling states...
"we are hoping that your new hat with stop those windmilling arms 
on our upcoming trip to Madagascar"


  1. I'm loving all the hand made elements:)
    Many thanks for visiting my blog xxx

  2. Great layout, always amazes me what you manage to make rather than just buying.

  3. This is DEFINITELY creative and beautiful, Lesley! WOW!!! I am pinning this for inspiration.

  4. Great way to create a lovely page with minimal resources - beautiful!
    Love the chicken wire stamping and the N/S arrows


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