Sunday, 23 February 2014

Love a Lazy Day!

After a hectic half term week today is a PJ day.
It doesn't matter that I've had two visitors already this morning
 (they know all about my PJ days)
I refuse to get out of my PJs!!

Day23 of LOAD already and today is all about scrapping the future.
Whilst I think about that one here are a couple of cards that I've ticked of my sisters list
(which I left until the last minute - RESOLVE quicker next time!)

This one I saw on Pinterest so could be another
 Anyway, back to LOAD and the future.
This layout is mainly about her future job prospects.
" 2014
You are such a wonderful girl. Caring, kind and loving
and always a happy smiling face.
Astronaut, vet, firefighter, student, employee or whatever you become
just BE YOU and you will be the best.
Follow your dreams and become who you want to be,
not what others want you to be.

Always be you and you will always be loved"


  1. Your friends are so young!!! ;-D
    Love the page - great quote/journalling


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