Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Firstly today I noticed that a layout I created for the  
  was one of the DT favourites - thank you for featuring my layout on the blog post :)

Secondly is One Photo & Twenty Words created by Abi over at Creating Paper Dream...

Mouthwateringly delicious, I tucked in and savoured every scrumptious forkful.
A girl needs a little treat after Friday weigh-in.

And thirdly, you guessed it Day 11 of LOAD...
Myth or reality: 
When you scrapbook you have to use the same process every time.
 I don't think I use any process to be honest so here's the first prompt that has me flummoxed!
I'll sometime choose a photo first or a title but then another time I will choose the papers first and find a photo to match. A sketch challenge or a colour combo are options too as I have plenty of challenges to be joining in with  BUT I want something different this time!
Earlier today I commented on the LOAD discussion board...
"Just thinking about today's and wondering where the prompt will take me.
One thing I don't do is look at the gallery until I've finished my own layout as I don't like to be "influenced" by the fab work that I see there!"
And that's when the lightbulb moment came, that is exactly what I will do today, choose a layout from the LOAD photo board and lift it.
So I scrolled and scrolled and scrolled (favouriting along the way) until I could scroll no more and had 88 layouts in my "favourites".
I then asked my facebook friends to choose a number from 1 to 88 and the first person to comment chose No.79 which is this lovely layout by MajicInOz and I hope she doesn't mind!
"At the going down of the sun,
we will remember them"


  1. Oh that's a fabulous idea! I wondered where the number element came from!

  2. Your 20w1p picture looks scrummy and i had to smile at the sentiment:)

  3. That does look good and perfectly summed up! You're doing well with LOAD as well. I'm in awe!

  4. It seems like everyone is trying to eat right early in the New Year. I'm not familiar with UK holidays but here in the U.S., it seems like every weekend lately is food related (Superbowl, the Daytona 500, etc.). It's much easier, for me at least, to eat healthy during the work week than it us on the weekends. I think I've lost (and gained) the same 2 pounds every week for the last three months! Good luck with your own weight loss program...

  5. That sandwich looks yum, and very touching layout.

  6. that sandwich looks delicious. Thank you so much for joining.

  7. I love that you've scrapped your brilliant poppy fund-raising ... and I love that page design ... a beautiful page


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