Monday, 3 February 2014

LOAD214/3 - Wot No Title :O

Myth or reality: Scrapbook pages have to have titles. 
(This is the question on everyone's lips over at LOAD today)
Nah - this is rubbish in my humble opinion, in fact, quite a lot of my layouts do not have a title.
Sometimes, the picture or just the journalling can tell the story and
 likea lot of people, 
just thinking of a title for a page is sometimes an uphill struggle.
There have been many occasions when I've actually thought of a title first and scrapped around it 
but today we are dealing with
and here is my attempt
The photo is of DD being looked after by Olly the night after the assault and I think
the journalling card says it all! 


  1. Lovely page ... great colour combo! Is there journalling about the timing of the photo somewhere?

    1. Think that date is engraved in my brain Jemma!

  2. She looks well looked after. Poor thing.

  3. Lovely layout, I never intentionally make a layout without a title but i do wonder some if my interpretation of a title really is one LOL


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