Monday, 24 February 2014

Lifting Lesley!!

Not literally - I know I'm a bit lighter these days but even so!!!

So, scraplift one of my own layouts
 from one of the LOAD layouts I have already done
 or some random layout from the past.

I decided that my lift would be from my LOAD layouts
which one?

I asked one of my fellow LOADies and Master Forgers to choose from my
LOAD Gallery.
Lisa (LisaInRe) had two favourites...

                                              LOAD2                                           LOAD10

I decided that the sunburst would go perfectly with my Key West sunset photograph.

Prefer my original but this one turned out better than I'd hoped when I started!


  1. I like both the burst layouts - and it's fun that one was monochromatic and the other so very full of color, and both pages highlight the photos so well.

  2. I like them both too :) reminds me of the one we did at sarahs cards, cant remember whos class though.

  3. I don't think I could chose between them now - love them. It was fun picking out my fave two layouts :-) thanks for asking!


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