Saturday, 15 February 2014

Knowing Me, Knowing You!!!

(have I got you all singing now?)

Yesterday was officially the halfway point for my first LOAD and
LOAD14 was just up my street...
 Myth or reality: 
Scrapbook supplies are purchased from scrapbook specialty stores.

Not on your Nelly!!!
I will use whatever I find useful to create my pages and in the past have used all manner of things not bought from a specialty store! 

Today I have used the inside cardboard packaging from a Mullerlight yogurt 6 pack
to create my circles before cutting one of the circles out to create a frame for my photo which I embossed.

 Back to today and LOAD15 once again brings up a question 
I asked YOU a couple of days ago!
 Myth or reality: Don’t ever use the same photo twice 
Well, you know me, and those favourite photos that I have scrapped a few times already and today you're going to see one (or 4) of them again!
I have scrapped this photo (I think) twice before and 
today I'm using my homemade forged background paper and embellishments from my 
February Counterfeit Kit, "For The Love of Paper
and you can print this paper HERE either as a 12x12 or 3x4

There is no journalling as all the little words tell the story.


  1. I put this on my list to recreate this paper from MME. Thank you for saving me the hassle and sharing it with everyone:) it has been nice sharing LOAD214 with you.

  2. I absolute LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first layout. I don't know what it is about that layout, but it just really grabbed my eye!

  3. Wow on both counts, I love these layouts and using the muller light box is quite simply genius!

  4. I love these LO's Lesley. They're so striking,especially the colours.

  5. Both layouts are amazing as usual :) You have such a creative mind to look at what most of us would consider rubbish and make something beautiful with it.


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