Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What Have I Done?

Always up for a bit of a challenge and with LOAD214 looming I was
very undecided as to whether to join.
At $50 there was no chance I was gong to join
BUT then...
I got an email through from my CKCB DTeamie, Lisa
offering a $19 discount.
Not sure if it's a bargain or if I've bitten off more than I can chew
however, it's done now and I'm in.

Will I enjoy it so much that I become hooked or give up halfway through?
Time will tell and you'll either be sick of seeing my daily productions or I'll be too knackered and won't be here at all!

So my countdown to Saturday begins, 
luckily it's crop day so at least I'll get the first one done.

Fancy joining me?

In the meantime, here is another layout created at the retreat last weekend.
My daughter was heavily engrossed in one of her Keri Smith books.
If you've never heard of them, check them out - there is so much fun to be had with
every single one of them.
Here, she had to make herself a disguise - she looked pretty good!
(The journalling is complete now - I promise!)


  1. yes, it's a love it or hate it experience but not many seem to fall into the latter category! go with the flow, make sure you have some photos and stories at the ready, enough cardstock to keep you going and plenty of adhesive and enjoy the ride! You really should read over all the prep stuff (videos, how tos) etc so that you don't get caught out with the Flickr stuff on day one if you're not already familiar! Give me a shout if you need any help.

    And there was lots of advice on the hop too.

    But relax and enjoy !!!

  2. i love the background paper.... LOAD? is that layout a day... better get that DT kit out sharpish.... ;) jenxx

  3. Great layout and can't wait to see what you do with LOAD. Actually laughed out load at the photo :)


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