Saturday, 25 January 2014


With no scrapping done due to being in bed for a couple of days, 
thankfully have a backlog to share from the retreat last weekend.

This one I made for a sketch challenge over on a Facebook page I was recently invited to.

I had taken a whole bunch of papers in the same colours etc and was determined to use them up over the course of the few days however I still managed to bring some home as, after 6 layouts, my eyes got a bit fed up of the same colours and I just couldn't "do" anymore!

As you can see, I haven't done a whole load of journalling under the title - I did have all good intentions (honest)


  1. Great layout :) ikwym about getting bored of the same colours I do that with kits too :)

  2. Journalling is either really easy or really hard, mine has been a bit short on that front recently. Love the layout though - fabulous stuff!

  3. Lovely page ... despite the lack of journalling ;-)
    Love the pennant "shelf"

  4. I'm a newb to this whole blogging stuff so I was just looking through blogs and your page really stands out. I love it (:

  5. Fab layout, love all the banners and the colours you have used

  6. smashing... lifting that one too! jenx


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