Sunday, 26 January 2014

Do You Have....

... a photo (or two) that you like so much that you print and scrap them over and over again?

This is one of my favourites (already scrapped 3 times)
but I keep going.
Maybe I will get fed up with after a while 
just like when I put a kit together and eventually can take no more!!!

Unfortunately, until I do, you're just gonna' have to keep seeing it!

Thanks for dropping in today, I do love having you around.
Before you go...
How many times have you scrapped your favourite photo?


  1. Nope ... there are more than enough photos in my to-scrap pile (and not enough album shelf-space) to mean that each photo gets only one chance! That said, I have accidentally scrapped a photo twice a couple of years apart!

    I can see why you love that photo though - super page :-D

  2. I must admit ive never scrapped a photo twice, once Ive done it its done :) Love this layout though :)

  3. Lovely page . the background is so striking with the yellow stars!! Nope, never scrapped the same pic twice ..... similar pics maybe from the same event but not the same!! xx

  4. there are so many photos that need to be scrapped but then there are a few photos that I love. I mean really love. From the bottom of my heart. And then I use them over and over and over. I try not to tell the same story with them but as I don't scrap with any plan in mind, I can't guarantee that. But they are often used for character pages or a look back in time or just to express what I'm feeling now or while I'm looking at the photo or sometimes just because. If I find a photo of me that I like, I will use it for many pages where I just want to make a page for me. Yes, I have way more photos than I will ever use but those photos that make me feel weak when I look at them - you will see them so many times across the years :-)

    Great page Lesley! I can see why this is one of "those" photos!

  5. striking and simple - fab! jenx

  6. oh fave photo.... yep I have a few that i have scrapped several times for when i am dead! so the lads don't fight over me albums! ;) jenx


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