Monday, 27 January 2014

Rules are for Breaking

This is a layout from one of the retreat classes.
I'm not one for following "rules" as such and generally like to follow a class just for new ideas.
This class involved using inks and bandages and lots of glitter that (nearly two weeks later) my jeans are still sparkling despite going through two washes!!!
The idea was to ink the reverse of the transparency but, after covering myself in glitter I didn't quite fancy the ink so I left it clear.
A few of my table buddies wished they'd done the same!

I think a more "golden" glitter would have looked better but it was too late after I'd chucked it all on.
So, even though I didn't "use" the techniques, I did learn and locked them away for future use.

Have you been meaning to use a newly learned technique?
Leave me a comment and tell me what it is!!!


  1. Lovely page Lesley ... lol at the glitter .... I tend to get it everywhere too! xx

  2. Beautiful layout, hope you get your jeans clean soon!

  3. lovely LO and that must have been a lot of glitter to remain after 2 washes lol!

  4. Oh that's a beautiful layout !

  5. I am not a big fan of glitter but I would like to try playing more with watercolors. Great winter page!

  6. very nice! now then, i am going to be learning some new techniques with dreamweaver stencils on a two day course... very excited... will be sharing the scrappy results! jenx


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