Friday, 31 January 2014

Rockin'Out of January

Has January come to an end already?

This week (thankfully) has well and truly gotten rid of that awful bug from last week.

The weather was totally erratic on Saturday
 and I loved seeing the comments on Facebook 
as the weather travelled from one UK part to the next.
Huge claps of thunder, 
massive lightning strikes 
and hail as I've never seen it before.

I spent the weekend, at home, with DD and DH, not doing much.
Just catching up, lazing around - love weekends like that when there's no running about to be done.
I sorted out a few weekends away, booked Premier Inns, Travelodges, theatre tickets.
I love planning - it's something I'm pretty good at!!!

Another 1.5lbs lost and gradually getting closer to that target weight which can't come soon enough.

A week or so before Christmas, I received a letter with a bit of disheartening news regarding our claim against the Etihad Stadium.
I put it to the back of my head for a little while but, recently, it's been keeping me awake at night.
You know when something just doesn't add up?
Well, this week, I re-read and re-read over and over again until I had that "lightbulb" moment so now I'm back in the zone again, fighting again for what we deserve.

That 2014 word "resolve" kicks in once again!!!

A parcel arrived on Tuesday addressed to DH - he told me it was a birthday present.
Birthday! But my birthday isn't until June! And he's NOT that organised.
Turns out he'd bought it for me "just because"
My fabulous new camera bag/day sack for our Summer adventures.

Another "happy" parcel arrived on the same day, a two month supply of
chocolate yumminess.

Thursday I made myself chuckle when I tried to return a pair of jeans to Tesco only to be told that they were from Asda - oops!!
And my yummy parcel from Jen arrived just in time to play at the Saturday crop.
Happy days.

Have you had a good week?
Fancy blogging about it?
Link up with Virginia over at Celtic House and tell us what is


  1. Oh that sounds like a fab week, have you booked for anything interesting theatre wise and do you travel far for these (comments about hotels etc). Loving the bag for summer days - absolutely gorgeous and the reason behind it - how awesome is he! Hope you have a fabulous crop day on Saturday, I really need to find a crop day near here to be around like minded people! Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


  2. Love your bag and good luck with the claim!

  3. Sounds like you need a break.I love that cute camera bag too, XXXx


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