Friday, 3 January 2014

It's Been a While...

...but last Friday I promised I would start Rockin My World Friday again with Virginia.

So here I am...

After all the chaos of Christmas, the weekend brought some nice quiet moments and I was able to start reading again. I haven't read a book in at least a year but I'm finding it difficult to put this one down that hubby bought me for Christmas

I started crafting again after a long break and promised myself that I would not leave projects until the very last minute this year so if you lovely readers could remind me of that every now and again I would be very grateful.

Having only put 1lb on over
Christmas I am ever more
determined to resist that
huge pile of goodies staring
at me in the kitchen.

Claus came out of hibernation
but going on last year,
he came out for a week to stuff his face
then slept again for a month - oh to be a tortoise!!!

A morning out in Chester (to use up a Groupon voucher which was due to expire) with my lovely daughter on Monday found us wandering down by the river in the rain.
We had a lovely lunch at The Cafe at the Walls.

A great New Year's Eve get together at Gillian's brought fun and laughter with some lovely people.
I had 3 helpings of the delicious Veggie Paella she had made especially for the 3 of us.
Thanks Gillian - you're a star.

Thanks to my lovely husband for a very welcoming lie in on Wednesday and and even bigger thank you to DD who cleaned, dusted and hoovered her room without being asked.

That book up there - I finished it and I'm now onto
"Diary of a Dog Walker"

I'm also loving the fact that my 2014 word "resolve" is doing what it should and I'm already finished with all my Counterfeit Kit work for January.

I had some "me" time while DD and DH took Olly for a long walk in the sunshine.
It's amazing how much you can get done with the music cranked up in an empty house!

DD took her new camera with her and here are two of my favourite pictures from those she snapped.

Let's hope we have lors more of these nice sunny days...

What has Rocked Your World this week?


  1. A DD who cleans!!!! Send her up to Durham to give DS1 some lessons! Great list and photographs, jenx

  2. A lovely list of good things. We have a lot in common - I used to have a dog called Olly and I lived closed to Chester. Longer ago I also had a tortoise who adored Brussel sprouts! I used to do a 'word' rather than NY resolutions, but I haven't chosen one for this year. Perhaps I should give it some thought. I hope this is the start of a good year for you. Kate x

  3. Oh fabulous list hun, don't know how you are managing to avoid the pile of goodies in the kitchen - oh my - but only 1lb on that's amazing (I won't tell you what I did - let's just say I enjoyed Christmas maybe a little bit too much LOL). A lie in and daughter cleaning bedroom without being asked - that's fabulous! Loving your word for the year - I like resolve - it's definitely a good one!

    Hope you are OK and have a fantastic week ahead.


  4. Oh I just love Claus! I've been trying to persuade my OH that we should get a tortoise. He's beautiful :-)

    My word is organised. Hoping it will mean more arting! So far, so good!

    Have a great week x


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