Thursday, 16 January 2014

I Used a Stamp!!!!

It's already time for

Challenge #3: Stamping on Patterned Paper:
Stamp an image onto patterned paper and use it as a page element.

at the the Counterfeit Kit blog.

It was my daughter's 15th birthday at the beginning of the month so I decided that I would make her card as part of this challenge and I can tell you she absolutely loved it.

She nearly caught me photographing it a couple of days before her birthday and had a sneaky look on my blog to see if I'd blogged it!

Anyway, you'll see that the bottom half of the card has been stamped with a large background stamp. 
This wasn't part of my Counterfeit Kit and neither were the gems and lace but I do throw a few added extras in when necessary

What will you make as part of Challenge#3?
Will this be the challenge project that you use for the blog hop?
Remember, you can use any challenge to join in the blog hop and we would love you to take part, just email
by the 18th


  1. Super cute card and a cool use of all the number paper you get in paper packs. Thanks for sharing it, think she'll really like the card :)

  2. That's such a great card and so clever

  3. Totally inventive way to highlight the number on the background paper! very cool

  4. I love all the details on this card. I tend to go simple but would love to have a go at something a bit more complicated like this one. Great! No wonder she loved it.

  5. Great card and lol at the sneaky peak ;)

  6. Clever girl - love the way you've highlighted the 15


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