Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Rockin!

Have you joind in with Virginia's
It's a great way to look back at your week and celebrate the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives.

With Christmas out of the way, I am back on track and I lost the 1lb I put on over the festive period.

Saturday was Crop Day, I love a good crop and the girls were on form as usual.
I did feel bad about being out on my daughter's 15th birthday but I did get permission from said teenager.
She had some lovely gifts from friends and family and her best friend made her a cake too!!
Scary photo!
I bought DD a lottery ticket (amongst other things) for her birthday using significant "life" numbers.
She won £25!!!

Sunday -  a lazy day followed by the last night at the panto.
We had already been back in December but she wanted to go again so who was I to say no!!!???
Monday - a visit to the Orthodondist on her last day off school made DD happy as she doesn't need a brace. Treated her to a Costa and she relaxed in the bath for an hour.

Tuesday - Aaaaahhhhh, the house all to myself once again - it's amazing how much more can be achieved when it's just me and the dog. My desk is clear of ALL paperwork - a lovely feeling (until the next lot arrives)
Clear desk and empty "in tray"

Wednesday -  catch up with DH on all the things I can't talk to him about while he's "on shift" - I might as well talk to a brick wall as his brain switches off when he gets home from work.

Happy Post
I received a parcel in the post today from Gemma - took part in her PIF last year
Just look at what she made for me.
There's a little glass inside to put a tea light in too
Isn't it lovely?

Thursday - woke up to a happy email stating that two of my layouts will be published in the online magazine Life Paper Scrapbook at the end of the month - I'll shout a bit louder nearer the time so you can see for yourself ;)

Also this week, I plucked up the courage to make an appointment (there's no saying I'll go but I've made the first step!) to have my tooth refilled after the filling fell out on Christmas Day - no more toffees for me!

How has your week rocked? Why not share your highs?


  1. Lots of fun things in this post but that cake!!!! That cake is just too cute ... I want one sent my way, please :)

  2. Oh that's a fabulous post, loving the cake and congrats on the £25 win - that's fabulous! also loving the gift you received, how cute is that and empty trays - fabulous stuff!

  3. What a lovely friend to have, to make your daughter a cake like that! It's great that the lottery ticket won a bonus for your DD. Lots of happy things going on there. I'm sure the empty paper trays give you a good feeling. happy thoughts for this week. Kate x

  4. Glad you like it,:) happy birthday and congrats to DD!


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