Friday, 17 January 2014

Rockin All the Way to Cardiff

Good morning/afternoon/evening!!
It's Friday again which can only mean it's
 with Virginia over at Celtic House

Today finds me on a journey down to Cardiff for a scrap happy weekend.
 I am sure I will have more to share on that next Friday!!

 Back to this week
and since I saw you last
I have rocked in another 2lb loss
and am now at Club 10!!!

Saturday was the dreaded dentist appointment to refill that empty hole in my tooth caused by eating that chocolate eclair - I am happy that I went and got it over with but was a nervous wreck on Saturday morning. It wasn't as bad as I'd expected, I think paying £49 for the privilege caused the most pain!

Sunday was spent just chillin' in my PJ's and not really doing much at all - love those kinda' days!
A phone call with Mum and Dad made me happy - they've been away for a week and I miss not being able to talk to them.

Monday - don't Mondays just come round too fast?
The usual Monday morning catch up cuppa with a friend always brings laughter
and I'm always grateful for that.
A blog revamp brought some good, constructive feedback from my lovely readers for which I was very grateful. I think we got there and I love the new look.
And yes, all that washi is mine (plus another 8 rolls I found later!)
 This is how it is usually stored...
on a trousers hanger that I found at a car boot for £1!

Tuesday - caught up with another friend over a cuppa. Had a lovely chat and catch up. We don't see each other very often but we love to gossip and put the world to rights when we do.
A bit of good news from DH brought smiles and relief too.

Wednesday - I has signed up to do a mystery shop - I haven't done one in ages and now I remember why! All the things you have to remember and all the specific questions that need to be asked - flippin'eck, I don't think I'll be another one! Oh well, made myself a tenner in the 20 minute process so I can't really complain.

Yesterday (Thursday) I packed up my cropping gear, weekend bag and a "naughty" bag
 before indulging in relaxation and retail therapy.
I had booked myself in for a stress free afternoon in the floatation tank followed by a lovely massage to prepare me for my trip to Cardiff. Well it will be hard work pushing all that paper around!
Being so close to Broughton Retail Park and not having to worry about getting home, I then whiled away a couple of hours wandering around the shops.

So, back to today and, by now I'm either getting ready, driving down the motorway or cropping in Cardiff
(if you're really late reading this - Happy Easter!)

A pretty good week all in all - what rocked your week?
Fancy sharing...?


  1. Have a great weekend!! Cant wait to see everything you do

  2. Oh you lucky thing a scrapping weekend, could definitely cope with a bit of that at the moment, if I'm honest. That's a serious washi problem hun! Loving the blog look awesome. Glad you got your tooth sorted as well although the cost isn't ever much fun!

    I'm sure you'll have a happy scrapping weekend,


  3. What a week you've had - and a crop to end it all - you are a lucky gal. But of course we knew that when we saw all that washi tape. ;-)


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