Friday, 3 January 2014

Bye Bye Daily Grind

I can honestly say I have loved working with "The Daily Grind"
It has so many uses and I found this last page in a flash of inspiration.

I was looking through our holiday photos and came across these two in their kayak.
We had asked for a kayak for 3 but were told they weren't available at the time.
We decided that DD and DH would just go off on their own following a loop on the map.
After taking these shots I was relating the story to the guy at the water's edge who said that was rubbish and promptly got me a kayak of my own (free of charge).
It was a bit surreal and I quickly paddled after them - I could see them in the distance but then they disappeared around a corner and I was in a big expanse of water all alone and suddenly realising I had no life jacket. I hadn't signed any forms - I could just go missing and nobody would know!!!
I paddled harder and turned the same corner and then I heard them....
(the layout tells the rest of the story)

I haven't added the expletives that were heard!!!

I have now used most of the Daily Grind collection so check back in a few days when I'll be back to show off the next collection supplied by the lovely Jen at Wearcrafts


  1. well that is smashing! feeling a scraplift coming on! jenx

  2. Actually sitting giggling at that trying not to wake the kids lol.


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