Wednesday, 10 April 2013


With Nick back at work and the carpet fitters due, getting up at the crack of dawn was the plan for today so I could al least paint the bedroom ceiling before the carpet went down.
As I type this part of my post, it is 0928 and I've given the ceiling two coats and the walls one coat, I've resealed around the bath and stuck on a bit of skirting in the hall that somehow came loose when we ripped the floor up.
If I knew the carpet fitters wouldn't be here for another hour, I would paint the walls again but think maybe that will have to wait....

Ok, so the carpets are fitted the ceiling has had another coat and the walls another two but I still think the walls need another coat tomorrow.
A confirmation email arrived to say the bed will be here tomorrow so by the end of the Thursday, I should be done - fingers crossed!
Once again, knackered but I've just had a lovely surprise from my wonderful friend Gillian. She nipped round to pick up a card and brought me a HUGE bar of my new favourite chocolate. Thank you, Gillian, the perfect tonic, just what I needed :)

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  1. Cant wait to see the finished result, and hope you enjoyed your chocolate :)


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