Thursday, 11 April 2013

Nearly There...

After a few days of hard work I'm happy to report that I am nearly there. A quick tidy up tomorrow and I'm done!

Today, another coat of paint and assembling a double ottoman bed which wasn't easy on my own. Things got quite personal but I won in the end!

I won a battle today. Back in November 2011 I asked for my French bank account to be closed. 18 months later, my mum suggested writing to my MEP. OK, so what harm can it do? Result! Today they have refunded 18 months of fees and waived the transfer fee. The war continues with the water and electricity bills but I have no intention of losing...and with a little extra in the bank I think those gorgeous bedside tables might be in order :)

I also had a lovely little parcel arrive from Paper Issues this morning. It was wrapped so sweetly and I love the contents...can't wait to try out that stamp set.


  1. Well done on the Ottoman wars!
    French bank account? Glad that your MEP was effective. They *are* good for something then LOL
    Love those stamps ... must make some time to scrap!

  2. Glad its almost done :) Love the new stash too. Didn't know you had a French bank account but glad it got sorted


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