Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Day Off

If you've been reading things here for the last few days, you'll see I've had a very busy few days.
Today, although still busy, has been more relaxing.
Having ripped out our built in bed and sleeping in Imogen's bed since (she's away) we desperately needed to find a new bed base that would be delivered by Friday at the very latest. (I'm not demanding at all!) I also wanted the ottoman style where the whole mattress lifts up to get the stored items under.
Saw quite a few but none that could be delivered in time. Had coffee and cake and ate out for lunch too.
Back home, straight on the wonderful Internet and within half an hour, bed ordered and paid for and delivery on Thursday :)
Having been so busy I also got a bit behind with my card making so a quick hour in my craft room and I've got setting to show for today...


  1. Have you made that for anyone in particular? Need one for Tracy. Glad you got organised. Xx

  2. I'm exhausted just reading your posts! Lovely card - I like the piercings


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