Monday, 8 April 2013


Knackered is an understatement!

After being so busy yesterday, today hasn't been much different.

  • Hall floor (well what was left of it) ripped up
  • Stairs and landing carpet ripped up
  • Bedroom furniture ripped out
  • Bedroom units delivered to new owner
  • Bed dismantled
  • New skirting cut and stuck in hall
  • New skirting cut and stuck in bedroom
  • Utility room cupboard removed to make way for dog bowls to avoid the constant tripping over them
  • Car load of all the rubbish taken to tip

No crafting today, don't think my legs would possibly get me to my craft room never mind stand up long enough to make something.
We keep telling ourselves that it will all be worth it in the end!

Tomorrow, we ARE having a deserved rest, off out for the day with a bit of lunch included along the way...


  1. Good god you have been busy! Enjoy your very well deserved day of rest

  2. You have been busy!! You should be proud of yourselves. Enjoy your break! Xx


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