Saturday, 20 April 2013

Every Little Helps

Yesterday before we went to the Drive In, I called in on a fellow UKSer who had posted on the "charities" board. Her son, Oliver, has a very rare condition called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva which basically means his muscles turn into a bonelike state which in turn causes a frozen body.
Oliver's Mum, Helen and her family have started a charity

Friends of Oliver
(if you've got a minute pop over to their site and see if you can help)

to hopefully find a cure for this disabling condition.
In a few weeks time, Helen and her family are holding an event to raise funds to help find a cure.
I took a few cards along for her to sell (hopefully)

A few hours in the garden today making an enclosure for Claus, our tortoise, followed by a little scrapping after seeing the Counterfeit Kit Sketchy Challenge

I'm sure the girls over at CKCB look at my kit to make sure I've got the right items in it before setting the challenges! It seems my kits always fall in with the challenges!

 I didn't need to add anything to my kit for this page and I love how it's turned out


  1. sure they will sell loads and how nice of you to do that for them. :) Love the layout too as usual

  2. Lovely layout!! love the double polaroid frame!

  3. Love the banner on your layout!

  4. LOL! So glad the sketch fit in with your kit contents so perfectly! Your layout is a gorgeous take on the sketch. Great job and thanks for playing along!


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