Monday, 22 April 2013

My First Ever Challenge!!!!

Sometime back in 2012 I put my hand up to volunteer to set the weekly challenge on UKS.

"How easy can that be?" I thought.
I've never set a challenge before so pretty please go easy on me!

I came up with a few ideas, ummed and ahhhed then finally settled on the following...

Here is my layout...

As I'm not in a team, a couple of good friends offered to help out with their very own takes on my challenge (thank you Ally & Tracie - full marks to you both!!!)




  1. It looks a fab challenge, Lesley. I'll have a go.
    Sue x

  2. I loved doing this Lesley! It was a great challenge and I'm sure you'll have loads of people giving it a go, absolutely love yours and Ally's interpretations! x

  3. Haven't done the weekly challenge for a few weeks, so going to really try and give this a go - it's a great one x

  4. Great layouts :) will try this challenge myself :)


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