Sunday, 28 April 2013


Do you know when somebody wants to tell you or ask you something. Like when I say "Daaaaaad" he know I want something!
Well, I had that feeling yesterday when I returned home from the crop. I knew DD wanted to tell or ask me something. She had something to show me!

I went up to her bedroom where she put on a pair of glasses and "pitched" to me about the reasons why she should go to South Africa on a school trip next year. The trip is approx £1400 for a week! Her pitch was cleverly done (I didn't tell her I had already read all about it on the school website), she and BFF have been, once again, conniving and planning how to get around their parents. They've come up with fundraising ideas of a bake sale, lemonade stand and car wash.

So today I've finally been sorting out the shed and sold a great deal of her garden games etc. It prompted her to sort out cupboards to sell things she's been hoarding and although far from being anywhere near to her target, she's made a start.

We haven't even told her she can go yet!

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