Friday, 17 October 2014

When Time Is Not On Your Side....

...what do you do?

I am currently playing along with LayOut A Day
and yesterday was one of those days when time just wasn't on my side.
My sheer determination to keep up this month spurred me on to create a quick hybrid
I set out where I wanted my photo before printing everything else onto my 12x12
and after adding a little washi my layout was complete...

and then, because time was short today, I created another...

So, would you have given up, stuck with it somehow or stayed up late to create 
a more "real" layout??

I hope time will be on my side tomorrow!


  1. I'm always in awe that people can create a layout a day, especially ones like yours. Well done

  2. Although I'm a relatively prolific scrapper..I couldn't do this... I'd feel too much under pressure and I'm not sure I'd be able to create such a great LO as you have done in the time given...great LOs..both of them..and then to have time to blog about them too! Well...all I can say is you inspire me!

  3. I think any layout with a story is a "real" layout. That would be these two then!

  4. I think sometimes less is more. Quit with the quasi-guilt already.

  5. Love the first page - simply stunning and a great photo as well as a lovely thing to have done

  6. Time is never on my side lol. But both these are amazing layouts and of course they are 'real'!


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