Friday, 3 October 2014


We recently spent a few hours attempting to escape from a local Maize Maze.
The three of us went our separate ways and the last one "out" had to buy the ice creams.
HE had the map but still couldn't find his way out - I rest my case!
My "Hello October" counterfeit kit was perfect for this layout - all those arrows facing different ways!!!

He's not the best map reader in the world and on our road trips he will ALWAYS get us lost.
Is it just a man thing? He cannot possibly look for road signs whilst talking, reading a map or anything else for that matter and never tells me what I should be looking for so
sometimes the air is "blue" inside those hire cars.

It was quite satisfying watching him trying to get out whilst I was safely at the end!


  1. Lol ... They do think they have excellent map reading skills, even when they don't.

    I do like all the arrows I must say

  2. Love this layout! So colorful and fun!

  3. Great layout and yes it is a man thing lol

  4. Did you really think a man with a map would actually use it? Silly girl!
    Your custom transparent arrow looks AWESOME on here.

  5. Oh the use of arrows works so well on this subject, well done.

  6. Love this layout! I feel your sweet, loving wonderful husband is map/directional challenged as well!!!

  7. Hehe! Great subject, great layout!


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