Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How I Do It!!

I hope you're all wrapped up warm on this cold, wet and miserable day!

As you may know, this month I've been playing along with 
LOAD - Layout a Day with Scrap Happy family.
Some of the other girls are also on the CKCB Design Team
and that's how I got into it.
This is my third - the first I thoroughly annoyed and completed, 
the second - I fell at about Day 8 but once again, with this, the third, I am enjoying it.
Don't get me wrong, 
sometimes I've just wanted to forget it ever existed but my stubbornness gets me through!

I had a comment on my blog yesterday from 
Sandra of All Things Pretty and here is what she asked...

"I'd love to know how you manage to create each day? Do you have a months plan? 
Do you clear your desk each day? I'd love to see how you manage it"

To be honest Sandra, like I said, sometimes I just want to give up, 
but I just can't! 
In those cases I find quick and easy things to do rather than making it more difficult for myself.
"Going Round in Circles" the paper I chose made the layout for me
and my hybrid layouts re very quick and easy to create.

We get a prompt every morning and sometimes I just want to slap the person responsible.
(Sorry Leslie and Lynnette - you do a fabulous job!)
The prompts this month are all about school but we all interpret them differently.
I always have at least 150 photos ready to scrap so there's usually one that fits!

I daren't show you a photo of my desk, I haven't cleaned it up in over 3 weeks if I'm honest.
I am also in the middle of making things for an upcoming Christmas Craft Fair
so when I say there is stuff everywhere, there really is!

So there we have it! I do have the advantage of not working of course which also helps
and the cleaning etc takes a bit of a back seat during LOAD months.
Luckily for me i have a very understanding husband and child!!!

And talking of husband, here is a layout (prompted my mathematical shapes) I was creating of him (and how much I love him)
when he really annoyed me. I was determined to finish it even though I didn't want to look at his face!!!

We're happy again now so I can blog about it!!!


  1. Thank you so much for answering me, and I'm still in awe of you :) I don't work either, but I'd still never mange it. Lol

    I do love that pop of white

  2. Ah bless you hun fab layout!

  3. No, I'd never manage it either. I'm in complete awe! About 4 layouts a month is what I can do, 6 if I'm very lucky. Huge admiration coming from over here

  4. Great page. And completing LOAD is a great accomplishment - you go girl.

  5. A real,achievement.. I often start LOs about my hubby... Starting off all mushy and lovely dovey, then ending up really cross with him.. so I know just how you feel...lol


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