Monday, 31 March 2014

Do Something...MAD

I recently been thinking about starting my own meme.
There are a fair few that I join in with, some weekly but mostly on a monthly basis.

I got thinking on a recent trip to Manchester and being a sucker for a
homeless person with a dog.
This is not the guy that I chatted to but exactly how him and his dog were sitting...
"We look after each other" he told me.
Now, after a previous experience, I always carry some dog treats in my bag
as I don't like to just give money.
I asked him if I could get him a hot drink and he requested a hot chocolate.
Quickly dashing around the corner into Pizza Hut and explaining to the lovely young girl at the counter,
she made the drink in the biggest cup she could find and sent me on my way after refusing payment.
What a lovely gesture!
The guy gratefully took his hot chocolate and the extra money I now had from not paying for his drink.

So, here's my meme..
Do something ...MAD
just once a month and
Make A Difference
however big or small, just do what you can to make someone smile or lift their spirits.

Link back here if/when you do and let's see if we can make a difference in
someone's life.

Thank you :)


  1. Sweet idea ... will see what I can do <3

  2. That's beautiful, and I love that you did that for the both of them x

  3. What a wonderful gesture.

  4. Great meme, look forward to taking part :)

  5. Lovely idea... And I love the fact that the choc was given too. Jenx

  6. Love this..I have just the very thing in mind! I feel a LO coming on.....

  7. Fab idea and I did - sent a load of mail art out last week to people I've known for years and haven't seen in just as long, hoping it might raise a smile!

    1. Thanks Virginia, I'm sure there will be lots of people smiling :)

    2. Absolutely - you could do with a 'button' and perhaps even a linkie to get this going because I think its a fabulous idea - talk about making the world a better place!

    3. There IS a linky and I'm onto the button - thanks hun xx

  8. Just found this via Virginia's blog. I've had a good deed in my mind for quite a while but it's how to do it if the person is stubborn and proud. I will though - you've given me the push. I wont blog it though (again, stubborn and proud person) but I'l come back and let you know when mission is accomplished ;)

    1. Look forward to hearing alll about your mission :)
      And what a good idea to make a badge :)

  9. p.s let me know if you make a badge for this? I'll pop it on my sidebar - spread the positive vibes :)

    1. Oh just reading this Carmen, I've just said the same in my reply to Lesley above!


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