Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tutorial Time!

On my Counterfeit Kit reveal at the beginning of the month, I promised
to be back with tutorials for 3 of the items in this month's kit.
The first item,  Heidi Swapp Dreamy Dreams Come True was quite easy to forge using a stencil or two from my growing collection!

 Heidi Swapp Favourite Things Rainbow Rounds was created by stamping different colours
using a cut up wrapping paper tube.
I didn't have the patience to do the straight lines so just randomly stamped across the paper.

 Alison Kreft Hello World Photo Corners

and while you're here, remember this...
that the child created for me well it inspired her to create a fabulous birthday card for me too...
so proud of my Mini Master Forger!!!

I hope I've helped to show you how easy it is to forge certain items.
Will you forge something this month?
Show us if you do by linking up!!!


  1. Thanx for the tutorials. Love the card xx

  2. Fabulous forgeries :) The graphics are really cool on the wordy paper and the card is just as good.

  3. Oh some fab ideas there Lesley!

  4. Clapping my hands! Had the same idea for the stamped tube paper but never got off the ground with it - yours rocks! Still loving the doodled paper & card, tho :D I have a punch for photo corners - I should have cheated with that!

  5. The doodled paper is fabulous - and when I saw the card on your shelf I thought it was a clever COMMERCIAL card - very talented daughter!

    Love the double stencilling too!

  6. Your daughter certainly rocked that card! Your forgeries are fabulous.Must try that paper tube circle paper idea.

  7. What lovely sentiments on that card Lesley. Two very lucky ladies.

  8. Billiant ideas thank you for the inspiration :)

  9. the doodle paper and card are awesome - no wonder you are proud! I really love the HS sunburst paper - so clever. I always come away from your tutorials with the feeling that I could do that! Then, when the next kit comes out, I just go the easy route of picking products - maybe next month! You are inspirational!

  10. Your home made back ground paper is great. And, yes, I agree dirty stencils rock. They prove they're put into use.

  11. Brilliant ideas thank you! The stencilled paper looks amazing and I love the photo corners, very cute - also very cool card from your mini master forger! :o)


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