Thursday, 26 June 2014

This Week's Scavenging

Whilst trying to sort out a faulty camera in Asda last week I noticed lots of these gnomes hanging around the store.
With a price tag of £25 I wouldn't buy one myself (in fact I wouldn't take one for free) but I did get a shot of it for

2. A garden gnome

Not making the list but an alternative to find if you struggle with one on the list is
Alternative B: A bird house
 and I couldn't resist a shot of this bird house in Chester. 
It stands in a car park for the pigeons and every day you will see and old woman feeding them.

Whilst in Chester I took a shot of this narrow street which I think complies with...

 6. An urban street scene

So that's this weeks photos, what will next week bring?


  1. Thats a great photo for the street scene!

  2. Love the bird houses! And just enjoyed catching up on your recent posts - cards, scrapbook pages and lampost. All very cool. Hoping to see fences, too!

  3. Love that hateful gnome ... I had hoped to do the whole hunt in Scotland, but couldn't find a gnome anywhere ... the Scots must have better taste than the rest of the country!

  4. You've done really well, that street looks great

  5. Fun snapshots - click on!!

  6. Love the idea of the scavenger hunt. You've got some great shots here.


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