Monday, 30 June 2014

Enthusiasm PTII

A couple of days ago I told you how I wasn't keen on the June 12 Pledges Kit - Enthusiam when I first received it as it was not something that I would normally buy
first impression can be deceiving and I found myself creating this layout which worked perfectly with my photo.
The background paper is all about water and water birds (perfect) and my layout tells the story of when this little family of swans found its way into out back garden.
The cygnets were too small to jump up the decking and Mum wasn't too keen on my helping them but we eventually got them safely out the back where they waddled off to the pond on the golf course.

Trying to come up with a title was the next hurdle until I came across
"I Swan" meaning "What a surprise!"
(I never knew that!)
So, a perfect kit and a perfect title - perfect!!!

More inspiration with Jen and Virginia can be found by clicking on the links.


  1. I never knew that either! Great layout and such a cute story

  2. Such a fun layout! Love the colors!!!

  3. Gorgeous colours and a fab design!

  4. What an adorable photo. Great page and a super little capture of life.


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