Monday, 16 June 2014

Line Up

over at the Counterfeit Blog worked well for me this month as I had a pack of tags in my kit.
I only used 4 out of the 24 but it's a start!
This photo was taken the day the child started her D of E training with the Fire Cadets and last weekend she got her Bronze Award.
My fellow Master Forger, Jemma, will (hopefully) be so proud of me for journalling on the front of my page which I really do have to start doing more often.
Is there something you rarely do to you layouts for one reason or another?

Join in with us and link up so we can all see your line ups!


  1. lovely themeing with the map paper and travel tags - and well done on the journaling

  2. It's a lovely layout and good that you've used your tags

  3. Oh fab stuff, another one to have a go at!

  4. Love the map paper and using up those tags is very clever. Good for you on the journalling! I rarely do much in the form of techniques etc. I'm lazy!

  5. I *am* proud of you :-D
    Love what you've done with these tags - they make a great feature on this lovely page.
    Well done again to Imogen!


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