Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back to the Future

So last week I was soooo behind that I didn't know if I was coming or going.
This week I'm AHEAD of myself and it's such a good feeling
to have a bit of breathing space.
I could vow to stay more up to date in future but I know that's not going to happen
so, for now, I will enjoy that feeling of contentment and leave you will all the cards I've made in the last 24 hours!
(Well there are a few that I can't show as a reader or two might see them!)

I was inspired by THIS pin for the Minion card and the anniversary card
from THIS pin.

I'm glad I'm ahead as today I'm meeting Mum and Dad for coffee before indulging in a 
 full two hours of pampering which includes a facial and body massage.


  1. gorgeous personalized cards. I just pinned your minion card..I hope that's ok x

  2. brilliant! I neeed a minion card! jx

  3. Beautiful cards and great inspiration pieces, Lesley. Have fun being pampered. I got a pedicure myself today!

  4. Those are great. I especially like the "keep calm" sentiment and all the layering on the one in the upper right card.

  5. Oh wow - gorgeous gorgeous cards hun!

  6. Those cards are so clever! Hope you had a great day :)


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