Tuesday, 5 February 2013

She Did It!

SHE - being jimjams has finally got into my head with her clearing out.

I mention last week on Jemma's blog that I would sort out my massive pile of makeup.

Another week has gone by and she's mentioned me by name and shamed me into doing something!!!!

I hope you're proud of yourself J? (I am!!)

Massive stash of makeup

Here's what's going in the bin

Keeping this to recycle !

And off to the bin you go...


  1. lol, think thats more make-up than Ive ever owned!

  2. LOL - you shouldn't have binned it - you should have opened a shop with that lot!!!!

    Well done Lesley - I'm proud of you :-)

  3. Hello, found you from jimjama blog, too am decluttering this year, wow you've done so well. Can I ask, how do you store your make up, ok I've got no where near as many yummy things as you but they're all thrown in draws and I'd like to organise as well as declutter


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