Saturday, 9 February 2013

Did You Miss Me Yesterday???

... OK, Probably not but I'm going to tell you what I was up to anyway...
Yesterday was "Open Day" at Primary School and all the children dressed up in "through the decades" costumes. As I was going to be there all day I thought I'd join in and decided to become a "Hippie Chick" for the day.
Don't laugh....

So moving onto today and I've been "ageing" folders to put all the old school photos in.
Over the last three or four weeks, I've been sorting out about 200 photographs which were found at school. I've been scanning, copyrighting and sorting them into some kind of order ready for yesterday's open day. None of the class photos, some dating back to the 40s had names on them so we asked those who attended the open day to point people out if them knew the faces. It was a great success and we  now have some names to match the faces :)

Here are the new albums...

I wanted them to look old due to the age of the photographs in them. The original albums were battered and broken so I hope I've done the photos justice...

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  1. Certifiable!!!!!

    Well done on the albums - they look great. When my 3 were small I made the effort to "name" the school & class photos that they brought home as I cannot name everyone in *my* school photos despite being there myself!!! I offered copies to the school (and the rest of the class-mates) but nobody else seemed to realise how untrustworthy memories will become.


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