Friday, 22 February 2013

I've Started It...

...but not quite finished so I'll hold off with a photo until its done.

So last night turned very interesting. After a wander around the shops until they closed, I enjoyed pizza and a glass of red and started chatting to a couple of German girls. They were over here doing some training for a new job they had taken on and were delighted when I showed them the VoucherCode App on their iPhone!
After realising that all the coffee shops were closed, I started to wonder what I would do for the next hour or so whilst waiting for the concert to finish.
Seeing a lonely looking figure sitting shivering on a bench with plastic bin liners, I originally walked past but something in my conscience told me to turn around. I sat down and chatted to him, the poor guy was nearly in tears as he told me his story. I decided that, if I couldn't do anything else, I could at least buy him some food and a hot drink. He was so grateful and I felt awful leaving him there. I later saw him curled up on some cardboard in a doorway.
As I wandered further, another lonely figure caught my eye. This time, there was a dog involved and I'm such a sucker for a dog. I gave the guy some money and the dog a tickle. I asked if the dog kept him warm, here's what he said

"We have a deal, I keep her belly full and she keeps me warm"

So, off I went to Tesco - a chicken sandwich and some dog food later, I was on my way back to the car to meet four very tired teenagers.

The journey home was a lot quieter than I expected, they had all screamed so much that their throats were very sore!

So, the layout I'm working on will appear here tomorrow but until them, I'll leave you with my naughty snack for the night - Yorkie Buttons!


  1. Yummy arnt they :) Well done you for being such a good samaritan.

  2. Good for you Lesley - having read "A Streetcat Named Bob" my attitude has changed quite a bit.
    Glad the girls enjoyed the concert.


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